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Talking about myself seems to be a hard task 🙂 but let me start this way; Tomisin Abimbola is my name but folks call me Syntocode, I’m a seasoned Electrical/Electronic Engineer, my greatest strength is my curiosity & open-mindedness which has helped me over the years to acquire various IT skills ranging from Web Programming ( I speak various web languages) to Network & Hardware Engineering, Radio Planning & Optimization Engineering and a lot more. is my diary, its an avenue to share a little of what I have learnt and experienced over the years. So watch out for mind blowing tips on this blog. Hey! Did I tell u it’s all about tech? Yea, our discussions will strictly be based on Tech tips, Trending Tech News around the world (reports will be strictly from my own perspective), I love Gadgets so much, I’ll definitely talk about and review them, I’ll share Blogging, SEO tips have learnt over the years (Google is the best place to learn tho :P)

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Last updated: 20/1/2016


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