Blackberry To Dole Out New Features For BBM For iOS and Android in 2014

Sean Hungerford, Head of Product Management Blackberry has announced on the Official Blackberry Blog that new features will be made available on BBM for iOS and Androids. After the official roll out of Blackberry on non – blackberry devices (iOS and Androids) in October this year, Blackberry went ahead to succesfully release new features in November – BBM channels for BB10 and BBOS.

The new features announced will come first in Beta stages and will be rolling out in coming months (anytime in 2014). The new features earmarked on BBM for iOS and Android are BBM voice, BBM channel, Faster and Easier sharing means (photos, voices and Location sharing)and a whole lot of new emoticons.

BBM For iOS and Android

Taking a look at the new features, exclusively BBM voice and channels; BBM voice allows users to make voice calls all over the world while BBM Channels is the latest Blackberry social feature which allows users to follow brands & people and makes interaction with them easier.

Addes also is a faster and easier mode of sharing of photos, voice notes and location. In terms of the location sharing, the shared location update disappears after a period of time not stated yet. And finally, 100 new emoticons will be added to cap off the listed updates earmarked for 2014.

Overall, it seems that Blackberry has got everything under control; with these new features coming to BBM apps in 2014. No date has been set yet but its safe to say BBM users are already anticipating these new features. As for me, its high time I think about getting that Sony Xperia Z I have been eyeing.


  1. Lala

    Hopefully the rumored BBM for Windows will be revealed.

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