Fix “WP Mobile is Incorrectly Installed Please Check the Readme” Error in WordPress

wp mobile error

WordPress Mobile Edition is a plugin by Crowd favourite that allows you to optimize your wordpress site for mobile devices by using Carrington Mobile theme.

If you install and the latest version of WordPress Mobile Edition, you might get an error message saying “WP Mobile is Incorrectly Installed Please Check the Readme” even after you’ve installed Carrington Mobile theme, the reason for this error is because the latest version of WordPress Mobile Edition is looking for a specific directory named “carrington-mobile-1.0.2” in your theme folder. There are 2 simple ways to fix this.

WP Mobile is Incorrectly Installed Please Check the Readme


Using ftp, copy the theme “carrington-mobile-1.0.2” embedded in the WordPress Mobile Plugin to this directory /wp-content/themes/ . This should fix the error.


If you want to use a newer version of the theme e.g v1.1, then you have to download “Carrington Mobile theme” from Upload via your WP admin dashboard by going to Appearance » Themes » Add new »Upload and select that you have previously downloaded and upload.

After this, you will have to edit the wp-mobile.php file in the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin, Goto Plugins » Editor, Select WordPress Mobile Edition, look for the following line of codes:


Remove -1.0.2 and click save. This should fix the error.

If you’re having any other issue, kindly let me know via the comment box

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial…..but I need ur help……hw can I get the css style sheet dat naijaloaded uses….on there megamag….wordpress theme……
    I want my post to look like naijaloaded post…..nd I could nt do it….
    Pls if u. Can hlp me

    1. visit the website, right click on the page and select view page source, this will show u the source code of the site…now look for a link that has this format (‘ click on it & u will see the stylesheet.

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