How to Recover Deleted Files From Memory Card, Flash or Hard Drives

Have you ever wondered what really happen to files you delete from your flash drive or got formatted  from your memory card or hard drive? A common believe is that when you delete a file, the file is actually removed or erased from the storage device (e.g hard drive, memory card, flash drives etc) but the truth is that any time you delete a file from your storage device, the file is not erased the only thing you deleted is a pointer or lets say the ‘shortcut’ that points to the location of such file on your storage device. This file remains in that location and hidden from the operating system until you add a new file to your storage device, this new file you add will over write the deleted file and at this point the deleted file gets permanently or let me say eternally deleted, so your chances of getting your file back are much higher if you dont save anything new on the storage device and stop accessing the device.

There are several software (Premium and Free) out there for data recovery but in this simple tutorial am going to guide you on how to recover your files (pictures, sound, doc etc), using a popular free software known as Recuva.


>>> Download Recuva Here ( and Install (If you want to recover files from a hard drive, don’t install Recuva on that same hard drive)

>>> Run the program, the wizard window comes up just click on cancel

Recover Deleted Files From Memory Card


>>> Select the location where you want to scan for deleted files, in my own case am selecting Removable Disk H:, Click on Options, Click  Actions tab, Check “Deep Scan” , Click on Ok  then Scan.

Click to enlargerecover deleted files8recover deleted files3


>>> After a successful scan you will be presented with the list of scan results, you can select all files in the result or choose specific files you would like to recover, And click on recover. You’ll be asked for the location to save the recovered files, select a folder and click Ok.

Recover Deleted Files From Memory CardRecover Deleted Files From Memory Card

>>Operation completed! Check out your files and keep safe next time


NOTE: Other Free software that can be used to recover deleted files include Puran File Recovery, Glary Undelete, Pandora Recovery, Softperfect File recovery etc


There are premium software (e.g WonderShare Data Recovery, iCare Data Recovery, EaseUs Data Recovery etc) that perform similar task but in a more advanced way. Its the season of love, a season to give and receive 😉 so I am giving away my beloved iCare Data Recovery Enterprise version with license key (Click here to download You can reciprocate the love by sharing this post with your friends. 😀

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