Review: Xiaomi MI3 – smartphone from China

xiaomi mi3

Xiaomi MI3 is a brand new super powerful mobile device which richly deserves a smart tag in its name. The latest Chinese flagship has boosted the mobile community as the phone presents most wanted options at the best possible price which sufficiently rises up its potential user appeal. The Mi3 device is presented as the strongest competitor to HTC, Samsung or flagships by LG winning the target customer segment.

xiaomi mi3


 The Xiaomi MI3 device is put in a sleek and super elegant rectangular case made of durable plastic with the weight of the devices being up to 145g and the thickness of 8.1mm which is not the slimmest in the segment.



 The screen of the much buzzed about device ensures fantastic resolution with 5.0” IPS display keeping the colors consistent and the texting clear from any angle. Extreme sensitivity of the screen to the tips of the fingers ensures easier gameplay and smooth phone usage. The screen will absolutely respond to the touch of the fingers in gloves under the harshest winter weather.


 The user interface is highly customizable with a new MIUI firmware built on the standard version Android OS 4.3 officially in English that eases the customization of the device for the non-Chinese users. The UI the new phone has got is intuitively simple and really easy to manage and navigate. A user can change the look of the mobile device with various themes available being basically new outfits for the device.


 The gadget Xiaomi MI3 is positioned as the fastest among Chinese smartphones which are known to go beyond innovations and technologies as only Chinese smart devices have got the most powerful processors (up to eight cores) backed up with up to 3Gb RAM. In the case with Xiaomi MI3 the phone gets a Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz processor with 2Gb RAM. It is really top ranked in terms of the ultimate speed of data processing. If you are interested – you can find and watch another good smartphones of brand Xiaomi here.


Where to buy?

 The optimum way to get the smart asap is visiting the Flosmall mobile shop where you will encounter reasonable prices and the most tempting offers for the Chinese smartphones topped with Xiaomi MI3.

Watch the video below to see Xiaomi MI3 in action

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  1. Gautam

    The design, screen and software leads to the great performance of the ultimate speed and the data processing leads to the good result of the phone used.

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