Android M is the New Android OS: Checkout Its Features

Android M is the New Android OS: Checkout Its Features

Google’s next version of the Android OS for smartphones and gadgets is Android M, this was announced yesterday at Google I/O developer conference and it’s scheduled to be available later this year (late summer or early fall).

Android M which is an upgrade of last year’s Android Lollipop is focused on improved battery life, security and privacy. Below are the highlights of the significant features of Android M;

Android M focuses on performance improvements that improve battery life by stopping background apps from draining your battery unnecessarily. It comes with a new feature called “Doze” which detects if your device is moving and activates a low power state if left unattended to a period of time. Dave Burke said mobile devices lasted up to twice as long on standby with Doze feature.

As regards privacy, Android M now makes it easy to control app permissions, according to Google’s Dave Burke “Apps will now ask you for permissions the first time you try to use a feature, instead of asking during app installation.” This new improvement will allow users to disallow apps access to personal information, location and data on case-by-case basis rather than give apps blanket access to the permission they wanted.

Android M also comes with Android Pay, this allows users to pay with their fingerprint over NFC which is similar to iOS Apple Pay.

Google would also be supporting a new USB standard USB-C for Android charging. This will allow devices to charge thrice faster and will allow you to charge other devices using your phone.

Android M also supports deep app links which will allow applications to directly link to each other without showing the “open with” dialogue box, this will also make it easy for developers to link between apps easily.

A lot more in Android M, but those are the significant improvements, you can download a developer preview here but expect the final release around Q3 2015.

Which of these features interest you? . As a Nigerian, I think I love the “Doze”


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