Sl0t Machine – The One Arm Bandit

Sl0t Machine – The One Arm Bandit

I think everyone around the globe is familiar with the words “sl0t machine”, also known as fruit machine, p0kies, the sl0ts and once was famously known as the one arm bandit because of trademark lever on the side of the machine and their ability to deprive the gamers of all their coins. Sl0t machines have come a long way from the original,which dispensed gum as prizes to today’s computer controlled machines, which have become the most popular and profitable game and account more than half the annual gaming profits. One of the major factors contributing in the popularity of the sl0t machines is that the gamer need not require any prior knowledge and can play even small amounts.

The original sl0t mach1ne called the Liberty Bell was a mechanical machine designed to automate the card game of poker and it gave payouts in the form of fruit flavored gum. This technique was basically used to evade prosecution under the law as no cash payouts were won. The Liberty Bell was designed in a configuration of gears and levers; the handle was attached to a metal shaft which supported the reels.machine2

In 1963 the Bally Technologies developed the first electromechanical sl0t machines; these machines were incorporated with electrical components to improve playing experience and introduced multiple coin option which meant higher payouts for the player.These machines were introduced with electronic microprocessors which used computer software rather than mechanical mechanism to determine the outcome, combined with higher jackpot payouts and enhanced paying experience brought by the flashing lights and sound effects these new generation sl0t machines were an instant hit and quite rapidly overtook the table games as the most popular gaming medium.

In the 1980’s due to the advancement in the microchip technology, world’s first video sl0t machine was debuted. The inventor Walt Fraley added a television screen which displayed computer controlled sl0ts instead of the physical reels and called it the Fortune Coin. This technology allowed the linking of multiple sl0t machines in multiple sites. The first progressive sl0t machines were invented in 1986 by the sl0t manufacturing company IGT called Megabucks. With this sudden boom the three-reeled sl0t machine was replaced with machines of 3, 5, 7, 9 and even more reels, which provided huge variations on symbols, pay lines, jackpots and even extra side games.

Then moving with the trend of digital age the logical option was to make the sl0t machines globally accessible anytime and hence the sl0t machines were introduced online for the first time in the 1990’s. It instantly widened the sl0t machine’s grip over the online gaming industry with many software companies offering different gaming options and with the introduction of free sl0t games the market even opened up for players who do not intend to use real money and with new platforms being developed every day for the common user and sl0t gaming industry will continue to flourish. To play top NetEnt games online click here


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