Google Launches Ramadan Companion App to Guide Fasting Muslims

The holy month of Ramadan is here, this is a period when our Muslim brothers & sisters around the world fast and pray. Google has released an app “Ramadan Companion” to offer you relevant information, tips, traffic updates, sunrise and sunset time based on your location.

In addition to these, the app lets you find and share recipes, local restaurants listings, latest Ramadan News, Ramadan related contents on YouTube ranging from comedy and drama series to fitness tips throughout the holy month.

This digital assistant will also suggest apps that can help you make the most of Ramadan, like reminding you to wake up for Sahur. You can access Ramadan Companion here

With My Ramadan Companion, we hope we can help you take care of the little things, so you can focus on the big things. Ramadan Kareem!Google

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