BBM 8 Review: Download BBM 8 OTA or Official Version Here

Blackberry Limited has released a new version of Blackberry Messenger “Blackberry messenger 8 (BBM 8)” for Blackberry smartphones. This new version which has been in Beta stage for few months (I took part in the Beta testing:)) comes with some great and new features like BBM Channels and a New style of Updates (u can keep track of your contacts updates even upto 2weeks or more).

What are the New features on BBM 8?

A all New design: This new design gives your BBM an exciting new look (like that of OS 10), making it easier to do things in BBM, but don’t say I didn’t tell u *it could be frustrating to navigate at times if you aint using a Touch enabled device or have a bad track pad* lol

BBM Channels: Channels is like a small social community or let me say forum on BBM for realtime conversation between Brands, Community, Cause etc it allows you to comment or like your channel’s update or even discuss. I think I subscribed to channel (though they update 1ce in a blue moon..:P), Blackberry Channel and few others. Trust me, BBM channel is cool feature to use.

BBM Channels

BBM Channels

BBM Channels

BBM Channels

Enhanced BBM Updates: Like I said earlier, The new BBM Updates feed is richer, detailed (your updates shows too) and more graphical. U get to see personal updates and Channel updates their.

download bbm 8

BBM 8 Updates Feed

Performance Enhancement: According to Blackberry, the new version includes series of updates to enhance the BBM experience, But personally I will say that my Beta experience hasn’t been so smooth and encouraging, my Bold 4 hangs most of the time but hope this full version corrects that.

If your device is running OS6 or Below, I’l advise you not to upgrade to BBM 8 for now, based on some users review the issue I talked about in the last paragraph (phone hangs & BBM slows down) has not been fixed, it still happens on some devices running on OS6 or Below. If you’ve upgraded and facing this issue, kindly downgrade.

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Ensure the following before you Update your BBM

If you have not associated your BBM contacts with a BlackBerry ID, please try to back up your contact list by pressing menu within BlackBerry Messenger – Scroll to “Options” – select Back Up before downloading. (Available for users of BBM 5.0 and above).

Also ensure that you are using RIM approved BlackBerry® Device Software to avoid compatibility issues that may result in loss of the BBM icon.

After you have installed the new version of BBM, restart your device.

You can download BBM 8 Officially HERE or visit Blackberry Appworld on your device and search for BBM

You can add me up on Pin:26C8D6CF and expect my BBM Channel soon:)


UPDATE: For Those who want to download BBM 8 Without App World or using OTA, Check below

Here is the official release of Blackberry Messenger v8.0.0.94 extracted from Blackberry App World. Install at your own risk.

To download this app, visit this page from your Blackberry browser and use the OTA link(s) below:

  • Download BBM OTA Here
  • As an alternative, you can use the following offline installer packs:


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