How to Downgrade BBM 8 to BBM 7 or Any Version

download bbm for windows phone

Here is a quick tutorial on How to downgrade BBM 8 to BBM 7 or any earlier version, 6, 5 or 4.

Blackberry Messenger 8 (BBM 8) was released yesterday, it came with a new look and features, a lot of peeps rushed out to download it but right now most peeps are facing one issue or the other after the upgrade. By popular demand, here is a quick way to downgrade it to previous versions.

—If you have not associated your BBM contacts with a BlackBerry ID, PLEASE try to back it up, This is How to backup BBM Contacts to BBID: Open BBM, press menu within BlackBerry Messenger – Scroll to “Options” – select Back Up before downloading. (Available for users of BBM 5.0 and above).

To Downgrade BBM 8 to BBM 7
— Using your Blackberry Browser Click on any of the link below that correspond to your OS e.g Bold 4,Bold 2(upgrade), Touch 1,Bold 3,Curve 3 are OS6, Curve 2, Tour, are OS5 etc If you’re not sure of your OS, Goto Options and click on About.

DOWNLOAD BLACKBERRY MESSENGER v7.0.1.23 (OS5) (Download here

DOWNLOAD BLACKBERRY MESSENGER v7.0.1.23 (OS6) (Download here

DOWNLOAD BLACKBERRY MESSENGER v7.0.1.23 (OS7.0) (Download here

DOWNLOAD BLACKBERRY MESSENGER v7.0.1.23 (OS7.1) (Download here

–Download and Restart your device

To Downgrade to Older BBM Versions i.e 6.x and Below
— Using your Blackberry Browser Click Here (

—Under your OS category, Select the BBM version you want to downgrade to

downgrade BBM 8

—Download and Restart your device

If u know any easier method to downgrade bbm 8 or have any issue, don’t hesitate to share with me via comments 🙂


  1. bianca

    I hate the new bbm 8 please can I have like to download the bbm version 7 asap have a samsung A3 if can’t get link I think I’m going to delete bbm?

  2. Mo

    Hey bro, I just downloaded the latest version of the bbm but I found out all my contacts had I uninstalled and installed but its just showing connecting.can u pls hook me up with a link so I can download the former the older version I was using usimg a samsung S3

  3. Alicia Govender

    Hi, as much as I love version 7, coz of the speed and good quality… I’m kinda diggin’ the version 8 stickers, new emoticons and channels but since that version is so slow and most of the time I can’t scroll down to see all my contacts nor chat. I had to get version 7 back… When will the version 8 get faster and better? I really wish I could keep version 8 if only they come up with a faster software. Much thanks for the links syntocode 😉 peace

    • Hi Alicia, thanks for your comment. BBM 8 is generally slow on most old Blackberry OS and since they’ve released some newer BBM version and the slowness still persist then I think that’s ow it’s gonna be till d end of time. Lol


  4. paul

    Hey bro, can you please send me the link to downgrade to bbm ver. 7? I have ver. 8 and it isn’t working for a few days now. I have a bb 9720.

  5. stuubon

    I am using a 9800 blackberry phone. I just downloaded the latest version of bbm (version 8) but my phone has been misbehaving since then. I have also tried to downgrade to lower versions but it fails when the bar is about to full. During the downgrade, the phone displays that the already downloaded module is incompatible with the prospective module. Please I need help. I have tried all the downgrading links I was able to lay my hands on but this module issue keeps on popping up and once it pops up, the downloading fails. I need help before my phone crashes.

    • I’ll advise you uninstall BBM completely from your phone before trying to download the version 7. To uninstall, on your blackberry, goto main menu>>options, search for application management, select bbm and uninstall

      Hope it helps

  6. suzy

    My bbm not woRking for some months after I upgraded to d new version and I hv install it back lyk 20times still is not working pls I need help on how to get back my bbm.

    • Hi suzy,

      I ran into a similar probs when I upgraded few months ago, to fix that, I’ll advise you to download BBM 7 via the link in this post

  7. KING K 217

    Hey man can any of these links work for bb9900 ? I prefer the older version cause the latest ver. Is driving me crazy! Please reply asap

  8. Adenuga oluwakemi

    I don’t know the version I was using before, but I really need to return to that version..what do I do please?

  9. Dacutest

    Hi Syntocode,tankz for dz tips. I tried to download BBM old version 7 several times using d link given above but it failed.Plz I dunno wat to do again,help me pleeeeeeeease.Am using Bold 2 v 6.0.0418.Tank u

    • Hello Dacutest, I just checked the link and it is working fine. there are 2 things that could have caused a failed download viz: a poor network or an existing bbm installation.

      Please uninstall the existing bbm (goto Options–Application Management) and download the one in this post, also ensure that you have a good network coverage preferably turn on 3G.

      Hope this helps. Keep me posted 🙂

  10. efuntoye oluwafemi

    Kindly help me with a link to download old version of BBM on my Samsung tab 3. The new version I downloaded from goggle play is not booting. ……. telling me network error.
    Tomisin, looking forward to your assistance.

  11. wasenk rainer

    Thx so much bro. 2 thumbs up for u.. We were hlped with your job here.. Nice!

  12. tbenson

    Can I get any of the link that can work with my q10 ppleas

    • Hello,
      None of these links will work for bb10, kindly visit the blackberry world on your device to download bbm

  13. Abbie

    Thanks for giving me back my bbm. Really felt on top of the world after using the link cos I got what I’d hoped.

  14. rubz

    Help I wanna get the bbm version before this new bbm voice I hate it can anyone send me the link to get the older verison back please.

  15. Thanks for the response. Tried using the download link u suggested above but it always stops at 6% saying download unsuccessful. Don’t know what the problem is. ….

  16. Farida

    Hello brother! Please can I use any of these download links to get an older version of bbm on my Samsung s3. The upgraded version I have has not been workin for days now. I un installed severally and installed back through samsung play store, but it doesn’t open at all. It keeps saying setting bbm. I have un installed it now. Please how do I get an older version that works well? Thank you.

  17. Siyanda Mkhize

    Syntocode,you just that code that no one will ever break. Thanks for the help bro,big up

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