Dofollow and Nofollow Links: How to Know If a Link Is Dofollow Or Nofollow Using Firefox

Commenting on other Blogs and backlinks from other websites are the best means to drive traffic to your new and old blog, most people who knows this fact dont really know that all links were not created equal and those who know that links are not equal dont know how to differentiate between the links. There are basically 2 types of links namely the Nofollow and Dofollow.  It was one of the mystery i had to unravel when i started blogging sometimes ago, the questions i asked then were “What is the difference between Nofollow and Dofollow links?” “How can i differentiate between the Nofollow and Dofollow links?”. Although this write up is meant to answer the latter question but for the sake of people looking for an answer to the 2 questions, i’ll briefly explain ;).


What is the difference between Nofollow and Dofollow links?

Nofollow is actually a tag that was added by the Master Search engine “Google” to show that links placed in locations such as comments may not be followed if they are associated with the “rel=nofollow” tag. When Search engine robots and spider come to index such a page and come across the nofollow link, the nofollow tag is basically a notice sign for search engines saying “don’t count this”, it looks over the link and continue its job, it is nofollow so it doesnt follow but if the link in question has a Dofollow tag (rel=”external”), it enforces Spiders and Robot to follow the link and index the page link. You can now see that Dofollow links are Juicy and they definitely help you much, in order to achieve good page rank because it instructs the search engine spiders or robot to follow the link unlike the lonely nofollow link.

Dofollow and Nofollow

How can i differentiate between the Nofollow and Dofollow links?

There are basically 2 methods i know to differentiate between the 2 type of links which are Checking the source code (you look out for the nofollow tag) and  Using a Browser or toolbar addon which is the easiest of all.

Using a Firefox Addon to Differentiate between nofollow and dofollow

There are many toolbars and addons that have been developed for this purpose, they read source code of a site and highlight links that are nofollow or dofollow Firefox has over 10 of such but i’l be sharing with you my favorite of them all. Follow these easy steps.

1. Install Firefox Browser

2. Install NoDoFollow Addon Here

After you have successfully installed the NoDofollow addon, restart your Firefox browser. When ever your surfing a webpage and you want Firefox to highlight the Dofollow and NoFollow links, just right-click anywhere in Firefox and select “NoDofollow”.  Dofollow links are highlighted in Blue while Nofollow are highlighted in Red

identify nofollow and dofollow

I hope this has been informative, kindly share your views.


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