How i got 11000 Twitter Followers for Free in Less than 2 days

As you know that Twitter is an online social networking or microblogging service which allows users to send direct Message (DM), read tweets, follow, unfollow, mention etc. Lately most of my friends have been asking how i came about my reasonable number of twitter followers in few days, am neither Lady Gaga nor Davido am no celebrity but trust me, have got followers too and am sure you know how much respect a reasonable number of followers command when it comes to twitter ish. Hey! enough of the story, let me go straight to business 😉

Following these easy steps you too can get 11000 twitter followers for free. Yes! i mean it, for free.

Step 1:

  • You need to register an account (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER) for free.
  • Check the email you used for registration and click on the verification link to verify your account
  • Go back to the home page of the site, scroll down to the footer and click on Free Money.

Twitter Followers for Free

  • After clicking on Free Money, a new page will open where you’l be required to tweet a link and also verify your twitter username after tweeting. Click on tweet, after tweeting enter your twitter username and verify as shown below.

Twitter Followers for Free

If you get an error while doing this, Ensure you meet the following criteria

>>Your Twitter account must have 100 or more followers

>>Your Twitter account must be at least 90 days old.

>>Your Twitter account must have not less than100 tweets

>>Your Twitter account must not be protected.

>>You are only allowed to tweet once to receive the prize

  • If everything went fine and you have been verified, then $2 must have been added to your account, just look @ the dashboard close to your name. That’s exactly how much you need to get your followers.

Step 2:

  • After you’ve gotten the $2, Place your Order for  11,000 real twitter followers by clicking ->Here
  • Once you’ve click on Order now, after the new page has opened click on Pay using your account balance.
  • After you’ve done that, the last thing to do is to mail the seller which you’ll do on that page. All you just need to write is your username and send.
  • Sit back and watch your 11000 twitter followers flowing into your account like magic.
  • Dont forget to thank ME. Lol 😀

Thanks for your time. I hope this has been informative and helpful as well. Now its your turn to let me know what you think about this.


    • Oops! that is a new development…i guess…will see if there is a way around!

      BTW, you can fund your account with $2 and get, 11k followers.


  1. OPE

    bro!!! bless you for opening this kind of blog.. every post on it is usefull to me. GOD WILL BLESS YOU MORE AND MORE… inshorty love u #nohomo

  2. nafy

    Please I didn’t see the freemoney on the footer

    • They don’t give free money again…

      Although, you can still fund your account with $2 and get your 11k twitter followers

  3. ganso

    Oh Yeah 1$ from that free money stuff

  4. ganso

    I can’t see any “pay using your account balance option”. All I see is pay with pay pal and debit card

  5. mutiu

    Meeen,u’re a wizard & all this u said abt urself that u’re half 4get it u’re full man,I salute for all the good things u’re doing on bbm,fb,twitter etc

  6. prezido

    I love this bro. Am on ur page again….followin U̶̲̥̅̊ everywr U̶̲̥̅̊ go

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