What are the Major Sources of Traffic For Websites?

As food nourishes the body so does traffic nourish websites. A website or Page without traffic is as good as dead. Its alright to say apart from Monetising a blog or website, traffic is another major concern for bloggers or website owners. Nowadays more SEO tools are developed and the advent of Job Vacancies looking for SEO consultant or experts illustrates the need for desired traffic on website.

website trafficWith the right Article rich in Keywords, an illustrative diagram to go along with it, what crown the whole effort is for you to be ranked on the first two pages of Google and other search engines. This write up is based solely on the different sources of traffic for websites or blogs.

First major source of traffic is the Direct Traffic; this comes as a result of people who already know you, your business,  what you stand for or what you have to offer. Without mincing words sites like google, Yahoo, Bing, and more benefit more from direct traffic. It all boils down to people typing your URL and there they have it.

Second source of Traffic is the search traffic, let’s just say it is the dream of every blogger to be ranked on the first page of major search results. Search traffics though comes with a lot of effort and hardwork. This is where the word SEO comes in, it simply means Search Engine Optimisation.

The way Google rapidly changes the algorithm it uses to index websites and pages, to some few people it comes as a blessing to the many others its more like a curse. SEO is one word that baffles page owners, website developers and some so called SEO experts.

Search traffic results come from an internet search using certain keywords. If there are enough keywords included in the website structure and on the pages of the website; the likelihood that your site ranks higher in terms of search result.

(People can’t still decipher how websites rich in content rank last tho).

Finally, the third source of traffic is referral traffic, whether from social media sites, link back from higher rank websites and other websites. Based on personal experience I have seen blogs or website drop from Top search to normal search and you begin to wonder why; since the recommended solutions don’t come easy.

That’s where referral traffic comes in, some blog owners don’t depend on search traffic, they target their energy more through social media sites and relevant sites like Technorati, scoop, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and more. Major advantage of this source of traffic is that the world is going global, so more age brackets are online an at least one of the age groups will have something to offer. All these websites give a link back to your site on a daily basis as long as your profile is active on this.

The better you understand your site’s pattern of traffic; where it comes from and what drives it in. Having a deep understanding of how visitors have access to your website is crucial for most site owners as you’ll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO and link traffic being generated.

Tools like Google Analytics helps to know more about site traffic as it breaks down traffic sources and a detailed overview of traffic source.

Basically working very hard on Search Engine Traffic (SEOs) and Referral traffic would result in Direct Traffic as people are already accustomed to your website. By spreading words out through people, working on SEOs, Link back from websites or social media, with all in the right balance would result in the right amount of traffic for your website or blog. As a techie or an observer, what do you think? If you are still having problems with sustainable traffic, you should consider bringing experts in.

Over to you!  I would like to hear your view and strategies you adopt in getting traffic to your website

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