MTN Xtratime Full Guide: How To Borrow Airtime From MTN

MTN Xtratime Full Guide: How To Borrow Airtime From MTN

Sometimes last month MTN Nigeria introduced a service called MTN Xtratime. This service enables prepaid subscribers to borrow airtime and use. This service comes handy when your airtime gets busted in the middle of a very important call or in a region where you cant get a recharge card for several reasons (this service bailed me out recently…lol). I bet MTN Xtratime is a life saver, not the first to offer this tho (Airtel started long ago) but glad MTN now offer thesame service.


To be eligible to borrow airtime using MTN Xtratime, you must meet certain requirements which include;

  • Your Line must be at least a year old
  • Your account balance must be below #12

To check if you meet MTN Xtratime requirement: Dial *606#, answer with 1 and press send. your eligibility status will be sent via text.


  • To borrow airtime from Xtratime, dial *606# on your phone, press answer, type 2 and press Send.
  • You will be presented with another menu to select the amount of airtime you would like to borrow (usually in multiples of #50)
  • Type the number that corresponds to the amount you will like to borrow e.g type 1 to borrow #50 or type 2 to borrow #100 etc.
  • Press send. That’s it, you should get a confirmation message that you have been credited


After dialing *606#,

  • Press 1 to check Xtratime eligibility status
  • Press 2 to borrow airtime
  • Press 3 to check Xtratime balance
  • Press 4 to check Xtratime history


  • how to borrow airtime from mtnHow much does MTN Xtratime service cost? The service attracts a 10% charge i.e #5 on every #50 you borrow, which will be deducted immediately from the borrowed airtime i.e If you are borrowing #50 you will be credited #45, If you are borrowing #100 you will be credited #90 etc
  1. How much can borrow on MTN Xtratime? According to MTN, the system automatically generate a list of amount you are eligible to borrow (probably based on your recharge records) ranging from #50, 100, 150 etc.
  2. How many time can i borrow on MTN Xtratime before paying back? Based on my personal experience, i have been able to borrow #150 twice (max) before paying back, you can try your luck 😛
  3. How do i pay back? Your debt will automatically be deducted when next you recharge. So don’t be amazed when you recharge and your airtime disappear 😛

Feel free to ask additional questions. You can add to my list of FAQ via comments.


  1. Nohlahla Winstone

    This xtra time is charging more when making calls hawa

  2. onele

    this XtraTime can’t stop deducting my airtime

  3. Bash Mohammed

    Pls,kindly send a feed back.My issue is,have found out that,most times,after borrowing,and maybe after making some few mins calls,often found it difficult to exhaust the remaining balance from the borrowed airtime.Kindly make findings,and revert back.Thank You

    • hello Bash, I will advise you contact MTN customer care service on 180, they are in the best position to assist on this.


    • kindly follow the above procedure to borrow airtime from MTN.

      I see you’re from SA, not sure if this will work for u but you can give it a try *606#, Would love to have your feedback.

      Have a nice day

  4. oluwaseun

    Can the xtratime you get be transferred using Me2U?

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