How To Create Multiple Accounts On A Website With The Same Email Address.

It is generally known that any website offering a service that requires registration does not allow users to create more than One account with a single email. (i.e you can only register once with an email) This simple trick will let you create multiple user accounts on a website with only one email address.

Enough of the stories, you didn’t come here to listen to fairy tales 🙂 . Here is the trick behind the trick. Lol

This is possible on gmail, With a single gmail account you can register multiple times on a website. This is possible because gmail doesn’t count dot (.) in your gmail email address, for example if your email address is, it is thesame as Create Multiple Accounts On A Website With The Same,, and so on. While most websites will see these email address as a unique email address, Any mail sent to any of these addresses will be forwarded to your normal email i.e yourname@gmail.

This is useful when u really need to create multiple accounts on a website and to save yourself the stress of creating tons of email address.

This trick works on all website which have tried it, with the exception of Facebook because FB won’t allow you to include dot (.) in your email address. But this works on 90% websites including twitter.

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