MUST READ: If You Use Glo BIS or Any Glo Data Plan

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Here is a sweet freebie or let’s call it ‘Tip’ that a friend of mine “Aliu” gave me some months ago, I’ve been enjoying it since then, I felt I should share with those who care 🙂glo

Here is the Tip: “IF you’re using Glo BIS or Any Glo Data Plan, the best tariff plan for you is actually Glo Bumpa.” Below are my reasons;

  1. If you are on Glo Bumpa tariff plan, Glo will give you an extra 200% bonus on every recharge and you can use this bonus to browse/call/text any number in the world. Let’s say you recharged #1000 for your Glo BIS, Glo gives you extra #2000 Bumpa bonus, this gives a total #3000 on your phone. You’ll be able to use your #1000 to subscribe for your BIS and you’ll still have #2000 to do anything (call, browse or text) you like. Isn’t that cool enough?

2. The best Glo tariff plan is said to be “Glo bounce”, but the truth is; Glo Bumpa almost matches up with it. Check out this statistic;

On Glo Bounce
Glo Bounce = 40k/sec (i.e #24/min) for the first 60 seconds of call in a day; Subsequent calls to all networks are charged 12k/sec (#7.20/min) throughout the rest of the day. You also call Glo bounce lines at 5k/sec (#3/min).

Technically on Glo Bounce tariff plan, a #100 recharge card will allow you to make a total of  693 sec (11min and 33sec) of call to all network.

On Glo Bumpa
Calls made on Glo Bumpa are charged @ 50k/sec (#30/min) flat rate to all networks. No

Technically on Glo Bumpa tariff plan, a #100 recharge card will get 200% bonus to make it #300(i.e 100+200) to call any network. This total airtime of #300 will allow you make a total call of 600sec (10min) to any network.

Based on the above analysis, you’ll agree with me that if you make use of Glo BIS or any of their Data plans, Glo Bumpa is a the Best tariff Plan for you.

To migrate to Glo Bumpa dial *100*10*1#

Dial #122*2# to check your Glo Bumpa balance

I would like to know your thoughts, kindly share with me via comments. Thanks *winks*


  1. Ogb

    I tried to migrate to bumpa but they said I’ll be charged #100

    • you can only migrate to a new plan for free once in a month, subsequent migration will attract charges

  2. I just migrated to Bounce. I love Glo concept and I commend their wonderful packages. Thanks 4 sharing.

  3. Eve

    Hi, pls how can I use up the bonus data first… Dey are deducting from my main mb (I’m on the bumpa plan) and if I migrate to bounce, will I still have my bonus credit I got from the 200%bumpa plan.?

  4. misheal

    I prefer glo bounce, a friend asked me to use bumpa,I have been trying to migrate back to bounce,is not working out,I prefer bounce.not bounce2 as I observe

  5. wole

    Nice tip….I am enjoying the plan right now. Please I learnt glo bis can be use to surf on pc, how do I do that? Thanks

  6. Omoola

    Nice one bro. Had my own full share of the bonus. Been enjoying the Bumpa plan.

  7. yourmex

    Have practised it a long time ago. It’s cool. Buh me I do migrate back to Glo bounce after I exhust the bonus. Until Glo starts charging me #100 for swapping between plans.

    • Yea..It has been in existence for long, funny how many didnt hear about it. You should expect such charges when you switch between 2 different plans within a month. Personally, i’ve been a Bumpa subscriber for long.


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