The New Toshiba 5-In-1 Pc Concept

Multinational electronics and engineering conglomerate Toshiba at the CEs 2014 in Las Vegas unveiled the Toshiba 5-In-1 Pc. While convertible laptops are fast becoming a trend; Toshiba is pushing the idea to an extreme with a pc which can be drafted (changed) into five different modes.

Toshiba 5-In-1 Pc

The device has been named the “Shape-Shifting Pc” and it comes in three parts – screen, keyboard and kickstand. The kickstand contains the pc’s motherboard. The 5-in-1 Pc will be able to swap between Pc and a tablet mode, Toshiba is considering installing both Android and Windows OS on it so that users will be able to switch between both operating system modes.

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Since the 5-in-1 PC device is still a prototype; Toshiba has provided no information concerning specifications, release date or pricing. Insider sources say it would have a Core i7 and it would likely be an expensive ultrabook if it ever hits the stores, but this information is based on speculations. The company is allegedly looking at the way people react to this unique Pc before progressing on it.

The New Toshiba 5-In-1 Pc Concept0

Other pc makers at the CES 2014 who promoted convertible devices were Taiwanese Pc makers Asus with convertible laptop-tablet and their Chinese counterpart Lenovo with its Yoga 2 and Miix 2 laptop-tablet hybrids which can allegedly switch between windows and android OSes with the click of an on-screen button.

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