How to Unlock All Huawei Modems Including E303 For Free

Unlock Huawei E303

Unlocking modems has become necessary due to the choice of network providers (ISP) we have around, some good some bad, my simple rule is “Buy one modem and make it work on any network”, i guess you like the tone of, That’s the power of Unlocking. Unlocking a modem has been so easy until Huawei introduced some new modems to the market recently, Huawei E303 being the most popular of them all, i bet u dont wanna hear my first experience when trying to unlock this crazy but super modem *whew*. In this tutorial I will give you a guide on how to unlock all Huawei modems without spending a penny. Let’s roll :).


  •  The first thing to do is to visit this website, this is where you will generate your modem’s unlock code, Click here
  • When you get to the website, Click on sign in with Google+, a Gmail account is all you need the to sign in to this website, don’t worry about your login details,  Google handles the authentication process.Unlock All Huawei Modems
  • Next thing to do is to authorize the website to access your Google+ profile, Click on Accept and you’ll be re-directed to a page where you’ll generate your unlock code.

unlock huawei e303 modems

  • Enter your IMEI and Modem model (e.g E303) and click on Calculate. (NOTE: Your modem IMEI (15-digits)  is often located @ the back of your modem or very close to the sim card slot.)

unlock huawei e303 modems

  • Once you click on Calculate, you will be directed to a new page where you’ll be asked to ‘Plus One the Link to see result‘, Click on the G+ logo and your unlock code to unlock your huawei modem will be shown.unlock huawei e303 modemsunlock huawei modems
  • Now you have your huawei modem unlock codes i.e New algo code and old algo code, the next thing to do is to determine which of the unlock codes will unlock your modem, that’s v.easy Click here and Enter your modem IMEI number, Click on “submit IMEI”

unlock any huawei modems

  • After the page loads, If you get a message like “Please Proceed To Huawei New Algorithm!” then the ‘New Algo Code’ is your modem’s unlock code, but if you get a message like “Please Proceed To Huawei Old Algorithm!” then the “Old Algo Code” is the unlock code applicable to your modem. Congrats! 😀

Unlock All Huawei Modems


The final step is how to use the unlock code you generated to unlock your huawei modem; smile cos this is the easiest part, Insert an Unsupported SIM (i.e SIM from another Network Provider) into your modem, connect it to your PC and allow the modem software to run, you will receive a pop-up box requesting for your modem’s unlock code, enter the appropriate unlock code and your modem will be unlocked forever.

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  1. kwaifa

    my Nigeria globalcom e303 modem do not pop up box, it only said insert the proper USIM

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