How to Use Etisalat BIS on Android, PC or Any Device

Few days ago, Airtel Nigeria broke the heart of many by informing us that starting from 3rd December Airtel BIS plan  will cease to work on non-Blackberry devices. The fact is, Airtel BIS has been the cheapest source of internet for all and sundry. To fulfil my promise, am sharing this simple tutorial I call my 3GB for N1000 secret, its all about how to use Etisalat BIS on Android or Any Device, be it Andriod, iPhone, Tab or PC..Leggo



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PROCEDURE to use etisalat bis on android

STEP 1: Subscribe to Etisalat Blackberry Complete Plan. Here are the  subscription codes for popular ones ( For Etisalat BB Complete monthly (Costs #1000): Dial *499*3#, Etisalat BB Complete Weekly (Costs N500): *499*3*1#)Etisalat BIS on Android

STEP 2: After you’ve successfully completed step 1, Subscribe to BB 10 daily plan by dialing *599*3*2# (costs N100). This step unlocks your BIS to work on any Device 😀


STEP 3: Configure your device by setting your access point name (APN) to
Leave all other fields empty……Save and Enjoy.

Etisalat gives 3GB for its BB Complete monthly plan, I don’t know about weekly. You can check your available Data by dialling *228#

I’ve tested this and am making use of it. I welcome comments and questions.;)

By Syntocode Tomisin

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  1. The fact is, Airtel BIS has been the cheapest source of internet for all and sundry. Here is a trick on how to use Etisalat BIS on Any Device, be it Andriod, iPhone, Tab or PC..

    1. Hi there. I need help. please?
      I have a Hisense Infinity Pure Mini. The phone is using too much Data. I want to change it from using Data to using the BIS plan. I know there is some highly secretive setting on all Android phones to change this, I just don’t know where or how. Please HELP??

  2. I av glo Bbcmonth but it is not working on my HTC but my data is not turning on pls what can i do my apn is I av also put the sim in a bb phone

  3. Sorry I need help with the etisalat trick for p.c, tried it reluctantly yesterday night and it worked but my bis also ended yesterday night…I’ve nw done another sub and finding it hard getting the 10mb cause it aint goin, is there a step I need 2 take that I don’t knw of in activating it again?

  4. how do you suscribe when the data plan is over..can u do it with ur android device without blackberry switch over

  5. Ah just qot a samsunq fone and ah seriously need a data plan (cheaper) wt any of de networks tu qo abt surfinq


    Glo bis sub is still working for ANdroid. All u have to do is subscribe first with a blackberry fone. Wait to receipt the message that your handheld has been registered with the wireless network.

    After that, do the following:
    1. Don’t switch off the fone. Open the back and remove ur sim card but before doing this,make sure that y see d 3G network on ur blackberry before removing the sim. Take note.

    2. Go to your android fone, settings and create a new apn “” put ur glo sim and enjoy the speed.

    To browse with ur system, install blackberry desktop manager, connect ur device. Grant access by entering ur password if its password. When connected, click on tools tab and navigate to internet settings, create a new access point. Give it a name u like and use “” as ur apn. Leave the rest blank. Connect the internet and feel the speed.

  7. please I had followed the steps of using etisalat bis on my android before I saw this latest from you saying it no longer works. my 1000 deducted and given the 3gig but I can’t use it. only the bb10 for 100 worked. what do you suggest? please reply asap.

  8. Pls can you help me with any other BIS plan that works on Android device apart from airtel. That airtel network sucks…crying. Pls get back to me asap

  9. This settings worked on my etisalat with my samsung galalxy Note 2 but after that, the H+ HSPA signal stopped showing and was reduced to Edge. making my internet speed to slow down drastically.
    please, what can i do to rectify this?

    1. Airtel Bis still works (tho not reliable) To activate it, dial *440*16# it costs #1,500, after which you’ll have to subscribe to their 10MB plan dial *141*712*11# it costs #100

      Set up your modem with airtel apn:


  10. place how can I deactivate the bb10 100 naira daily subscription. the thing just dey auto renew. place give me the code to deactivate it. thanks in anticipation

  11. Pls would i be able to see my data balance before i sub to the bb10, cause my sim automatically sub to 10mb daily plan

      1. afraid my money will b deducted
        I already complete all d processes n I changed d APN 2, but should I leave it n save, or clear all d ones automatically filled by phone before?

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