Download BBM Here

Download BBM Here

Blackberry Messenger ( BBM 8.1) is the latest version of the popular cross platform chat client “Blackberry Messenger”, this version was released some days back. With the new  BlackBerry Messenger, users can make voice calls over cellular data, a whole set (about 100) new emoticons in addition to other interesting features on the earlier versions of Blackberry Messenger such as One-to-one chat, group chat, photo and file sharing, voice notes and lots more.

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If you haven’t upgraded to BBM 8.1 or find it difficult to upgrade, you can make use of the link below which will take you to official download page of BBM 8.1 to start your download.




How to Downgrade BBM 8 to 7 or Any Version


Blackberry Messenger 8 Now Available, Download BBM 8 Here


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